Envelope Links

Here is a wide variety of envelope making links that I’ve collected over time, including links to free and purchasable templates, printable project ideas, books, and more.

The Envelope Mill: Recycle Magazines into Beautifully Crafted Envelopes The Envelope Mill: Recycle Magazines into Beautifully Crafted Envelopes by Haila Harvey
Although this book is out of print and may be hard to find, it’s an excellent resource on making envelopes, with creative ideas for variations and embellishments. It also comes with 3 plastic templates to help you get started.


Good Mail Day: A Primer for Making Eye-Popping Postal Art Good Mail Day: A Primer for Making Eye-Popping Postal Art by Jennie Hinchcliff and Carolee Gilligan Wheeler
This s a delightful book about making mail art, with some how-to guides on making your own envelopes. A template you can copy and print is included.


Creative Correspondence Creative Correspondence by Michael and Judy Jacobs
An interesting book showing various techniques for creating unique mailart pieces, including envelopes, postcards, and self-mailers.


The Basics / Tutorials
General information and how-to details about envelopes and envelope-making.

Wikipedia: Envelope
A history of the envelope, postal requirements, and other details.

Envelope Size Chart
Drawings and dimensions of common envelope types and their sizes.

Envelope Styles & Sizes
A well-written and informative guide to envelope construction and details.

Envelope Template Kit Video (Paper Source)
Purchase the basic supplies from Paper Source, including their own envelope template kit, and watch a video to see how to use the kit.

Making Custom Envelopes (Martha Stewart)
A quick how-to guide on making your own envelopes with basic supplies.

Festive Envelopes (Martha Stewart)
Unfold an envelope to use as a template, then use decorative paper to cut out a new one.

How to Make Envelopes for Your Handmade Cards
A step-by-step guide to making your own envelope templates and envelopes, with great diagrams and examples.

How to Make an Envelope
A useful tutorial on making standard and rounded-flap envelopes.

Tutorial: Easy Tiny Envelopes
How to make tiny envelopes using a manufactured envelope as a template.

Envelope Liner Kit Video (Paper Source)
Purchase the basic supplies from Paper Source, including their own envelope liner template kit, and watch a video to see how to use the kit.

Lining Envelopes (Martha Stewart)
How to line your envelopes using decorative scrap paper.

Envelope & Letter Folding
An extensive resource providing a variety of envelope styles and other mailpiece information.

Tutorial to make your own padded envelopes using reclaimed materials
Take your envelope making a step further and make your own bubble mailers using decorative paper and bubble wrap sheets.

How to Make Envelope and Stamp Glue
Use simple household items to make your own envelope glue for the flap seal.

Print these on cardstock to make your own envelopes again and again.

Make Envelopes out of Patterned Paper
The How About Orange blog offers a free downloadable template for you to make a nice-sized envelope with.

Stampington & Company: Tempting Templates
Templates of booklets, boxes, and other paper projects.

Mirkwood Designs: Templates
More than 50 templates for envelopes, cards, and other items.

Red Castle Envelope Printing Software (Freeware)
Adjust the size envelope you want and print a page of them!

Amish Letter Fold Envelope Template ($)
Instructions provided free, must buy template

Small Envelope Template
A simple rectangular envelope template.

Envelope Pattern for Ivy’s Print Cards
A basic rectangular template with instructions included.

E. M. Papers Envelope Templates
Simple templates for A2 and A6 size cards or other correspondence.

Just print, cut, fold, and glue. No template needed!

Canon Greetings: Envelopes
A lovely variety of printable envelopes (with matching stationery) to choose from.

Sanwa Supply Paper Museum
This Japanese paper company offers lots of printable goodies, including envelopes, cards, and other paper crafts.

Seed Envelopes
Floral and other designs of seed templates, usable as small envelopes.

Project Ideas, Instructions
Creative project ideas involving envelopes.

Add-On Envelope Books (Martha Stewart)
Link envelopes together with a key ring, then store keepsakes inside.

Birthday Card Book (Martha Stewart)
Create a book for storing birthday cards by placing large envelopes in a binder.

Doily Envelopes (Martha Stewart)
Use paper doilies to make lovely, lacey envelopes.

Envelope Accordion Project (Paper Souce)
Clear, illustrated instructions on making a neat organizer/album with envelopes.

Envelope Books (Martha Stewart)
Bind envelopes together to make a book for storing keepsakes in.

Envelope Guestbook (Martha Stewart)
Attach envelopes to a guestbook page for guests to leave notes inside.

Envelope Sachets (Martha Stewart)
Inexpensive and easy-to-make sachets.

Inside-Out Security Envelopes (Design*Sponge)
Reuse those bill envelopes by turning them inside-out.

Keepsake Envelope Folders (Martha Stewart)
An easy-to-make accordion folder that uses envelopes and can store little keepsakes.

Kite-String Envelope (Martha Stewart)
Make a wall hanging or gift set by using envelopes and some ribbon or string.

Notebook with Envelope Pockets (Martha Stewart)
Add a pocket to a journal or notebook by attaching an envelope to the inside cover.

Paper Heart Wrappings (Martha Stewart)
Valentine-inspired greetings that fold up into tiny envelopes.

Pin-punch Envelope Sachets (Martha Stewart)
Punch pretty designs into envelopes using a pin, then fill with scented items to make sachets.

Paper Source Envelope Template Kit
Make your own Paper Source-style envelope templates at home.

Paper Source Envelope Liner Template Kit
Create decorative liners for your Paper Source-style envelopes.

Green Sneakers
This company offers various envelope templates, envelope glue, and other crafty products.

USPS Envelope Sizing Guide
If not available at your local post office, you can purchase a plastic template to make sure you can mail your envelopes via the USPS.

Hot Off the Press – Envelope Templates
This template comes with a larger envelope shape and a mini one inside, with scoring lines for both.

Hot Off the Press – Mini Envelopes #1 Template
Lots of miniature envelope shapes in one template.

Hot Off the Press – Mini Envelopes #2 Template
Even more miniature envelopes, including some open-ended ones.

Hot Off the Press – Mini Envelopes #3 Template
Yet another template of several miniature envelopes.

Communities, Groups
Envelope Group on Flickr
Post photos of your handmade envelopes here!