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A little about me…

I’ve always been drawn to creative things, from writing poetry and keeping personal journals, to having fun in art class and working on crafty projects with friends and family. I believe that I have a good eye for design, and have a very visual sense of things.

When I was younger, I remember foraging through my mother’s craft supplies, including hook rug and cross-stitch kits, and wanting to try my hand at them. She signed up one of my sisters and I for a sewing class, and we learned to make bags and wristbands of some sort. My friends and I made friendship bracelets from embroidery floss, and later dabbled in creating our own beaded jewelry. I used to enjoy visiting Ben Franklin, a five-and-dime sort of store, especially when they expanded their craft supplies area. One year, I took a summer art course, and had a wonderful time creating the most intricate collage of myself in a garden, simply from clipping out images of flowers from a Burpee’s catalog.

In college, I became fascinated with graphic design, and took a few design and drawing classes at the time. Although I ended up studying creative writing instead, I’ve never forgotten how much I was drawn to design. And when I discovered the Internet and web pages, I learned as much as I could and eventually started my career in web/interaction design.

When I started working, I wasn’t able to spend as much time working on creative things, and my writing and crafts were largely neglected. Only recently have I been able to get back into some of this, mainly focusing on paper crafts. I especially enjoy making envelopes, sending lots of mail, and collecting gorgeous Japanese papers.

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The original template design of this blog was done by Beccary (no longer online), and I customized the color scheme and header myself. The header uses a scan from origami paper, with the title done in the font SignPainter HouseScript.

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