Washi Tape

I only started collecting washi tape in the last year or so, after holding off for awhile, knowing it might become addictive. There are so many colors and designs and widths! The nice thing is that most of them are fairly inexpensive, about $2 each on average, and now that the chain craft stores carry them, sales and coupons are an option as well.

Here’s my current stash, including some samples I received in swaps:

Washi Tape Collection

I think most of these were from Etsy sellers, but the rest were from local stores, either Scotch Tape Expressions or a craft store chain brands. Joann actually just introduced some brand new “craft tape” of their own, under the “Craft Essentials” name, though they were near the fabric/sewing area of the store for some reason.

Washi Tape at Joann Fabrics

Washi Tape Close-up 1

Washi Tape Close-up 2

These are just a few samples, but I think they did really well with their designs. They seem a lot more stylish and well-designed than the ones I’ve seen at Michaels.

I haven’t really made anything fancy with the tapes I do have, other than sealing up handmade envelopes or other mail with a bit. I’ve seen a lot of great washi projects online though, so I want to at least make a card or something with tape soon.

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